Robotics and Automation: Reshaping Economy on Thailand 4.0 journey

On the road towards an advanced economy under the Thailand 4.0 model which entails high technology, the public and private sectors are making concerted effort to accelerate the growth and development of automation and robotics systems. The use of robots in Thailand is expected to rise substantially over the next few years, bolstered by the country’s dominance in regional automotive, electronics & electrical appliances, and food processing industries, as well as medical services.

According to Thai Intra-logistics Providers Club, Thailand’s market value of intelligent warehouses, which monitor inventories and the inflow/outflow of stock online, is about US$1 billion annually with an expected expansion between 3- 5% per year.
Source: online report by Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok

Robotic & Auotmation4Warehouse a platform to showcase your products and solutions to an untapped market

To capture the Industry 4.0 momentum, 5thAsia Warehousing Show will have an exclusive zone – Robotic & Auotmation4Warehouse focusing on the community creating robotics solutions and those seeking the most innovative solutions for their manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics applications. If you’re seeking an audience where you can meet your next customer then Robotic & Auotmation4Warehouse is the place to be.

High potential in the adoption of Robotics and Automation to improve productivity throughout the entire supply chain by numerous industrieshas led to the need for a platform like Robotic & Auotmation4Warehouse.

The exhibition offers opportunities to discover how latest robotics & automation technologies can improve efficiency, reduce costs and give competitive advantage to users.

Who can Participate?

  • Automated material handling equipment (Robotics, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Palletizing Truck loading/unloading)
  • Track and trace technologies (Automatic Identification and Data Capture, Enterprise Asset Intelligence).
  • Supply chain and warehouse management software
  • Factory automation equipment in general (sensing, motion, controls etc.)
  • Robotic palletizing — Robots are used to load or unload products and materials from pallets.
  • Robotic packaging — Robots are used in both primary processes — to package raw materials — and secondary processes — to package pre-packaged goods into larger boxes, crates, etc.
  • Robotic picking — Robots are starting to be used in warehousing and sorting to pick products from shelves.

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