TVH Parts NV
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TVH Parts is your one-stop shop for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment parts and accessories. Be amazed by our extensive range of attachments and internal transport equipment. In addition to the own brands such as TotalSource®, CAM attachments® and Energic Plus®, TVH has also entered into partnerships with top quality brands. You are sure to receive the best service and a guaranteed delivery within 24/48 hours.

Website: www.tvh.com
Booth No: M 5

The design, engineering, manufacture and construction of material handling systems is Toyo Kanetsu’s core business. Since the company was established over a half century ago, we have provide customers with the equipment and technology to drive their growth and progress in many industries.

Toyo Kanetsu combines superior technological expertise with a breadth of knowledge in the logistics and distribution industry to give our customers the optimal solution to solve their logistics and material handling challenges. Our solutions give customers the ability to understand, control and streamline their distribution center toward higher productivity and efficiency, directly impacting the bottom line.

Website: www.tksl.co.jp/en/index.html
Booth No: W 4

L’AQUATECH Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor company of special construction materials which fully accredited by international testing and standards, together with imported high quality construction materials from worldwide and provided high standard installation services. Our company shares the passion for the industry to provide the utmost service and trust, with over 30 years experiences in the construction material industry.

L’AQUATECH Company Limited was founded on the 27th of July 1990, start as the importer, distributor, and installers of waterproof system and special construction materials. In year 2000, the company start to imported and distributed passive protection fire system as the first distributor in Thailand, and created some major accomplishment such as Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal 2, Icon Siam Department store.

In year 2003, our company had imported “Bubble Foil Insulation” which is new innovation of heat reflective insulations from Israel. Years later, the company transform from importer to be insulation’s manufacturer and produce products to support various demand of customer.

Beside, L’AQUATECH Company Limited has other construction materials to satisfy the needs of customer such as Expansion Joint Covers, Acoustic Systems, and Aluminum Perforated Ceilings.

With our outstanding work from the professional team with long experience, Customer can assured that they will receive high quality products every time from using our service.

Website: www.laquatech.com
Retail Business Services Co., Ltd
Booth No: W 3
Retail Business Services., Ltd. is supplier and system integrator of Barcode, RFID, Hand-Held PC related product in Thailand. The goal of the company is to support the customer to be successful in automatic identification and data collection implantation by delivering the success solution and the continuous high standard of services.

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Website: www.anyworkanywhereanytime.com
Bangkok HVLS Co., Ltd.
Booth No: S 2
In 2012, Bangkok HVLS Co., Ltd. Started to introduce HVLS Fans to the Thai market. The company has provided high quality fans to many projects.

HVLS Fans stands forHigh Volume Low Speed Fans. They are sometimes called big fans. The biggest fans diameter is 24 feet which provides more than 350,000 CFM at low speed (<65 rpm.) but uses very small energy only about 2HP. The fans are good for factories, warehouses, as well as any large space areas.
Website: www.bangkokhvls.com
Green Plus (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Booth No: A 5
We are the assisting device makers who specialized in the conveyance work mainly concerned with human power. We have many type of Manipulator (Crane system,Vacuum System). Our products imported from German and Japan so our products very smooth and safe. We have lot of suction pad will suitable for each customer product. We can design gripper what product you want to lift up.

Website: www.gnplus.com
True Okura Co., Ltd.
Booth No: R 6
TRUE Okura is a joint venture between Okura Yusoki who is a comprehensive manufacturer of logistics systems in Japan, and Thai Rung United Engineering Co., Ltd. (TRUE), a Thai conveyor manufacturer.
TRUE Okura provide a wide variety of products that combine Okura's technology and know-how, including state-of-the-art technologies such as conveyors with a wide line-up, robot palletizer systems and sorting systems. We propose complete solutions for a variety of logistics challenges, like labor saving and automation in factories and distribution centers.

Website: https://www.smri.asia/th/okura
SWIVEL Software Limited
Booth No: B 4

SWIVEL program management software solutions provide efficiency and intuitive navigation in the logistics supply chain sector. Our systems is configurableby each user or events in accordance to their daily operations structure, furthermore our systems offer our customers the flexibility and tools to operate their logistics activities. Swivel technical team offer our new clients the best reassurance during implementations with the tools and knowledge for a smooth transition to be successful. With the vast changing diversity and environments Swivel adapts its technical solutions towards innovations and improving our productivity. SWIVEL software solutions listed below are the systems you may consider within your supply chain arena.

1. POM (Purchase Order Management),

2. ERP (Freight Resources Planning),

3. WMS (Warehouse Management System),

4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management),

5. 360 (Total Visibility Management) and much more.

From small to large scale projects Swivel software is scalable in regards to size your business to meet your ever changing scope of demands for your business needs.

Website: https://www.swivelsoftware.com
Booth No: R 3

Over the last 80 years, Dexion has delivered over

  • 1 Billion Pallet Positions
  • 1 Billion Lineal Metres of Shelving
  • 20 Million Records Management Cartons

Dexion’s customer propositions include Industrial Racking Solutions tested to the highest international standards; Integrated Storage Solutions that combines order fulfillment and distribution; and additional Value Segment offering seamless operational performance to warehouses such as dock levelers and industrial doors.

Dexion’s systems provide exceptional storage solutions to diverse customers, backed by solid engineering capabilities. They reflect the best in warehouse safety, space optimisation, operational efficiency and business profitability. The group employs over 500 highly skilled staff and operates a network of independently owned franchisees and supply centres.

Dexion is part of Tech-Link Group, whose principal activities are procurement, manufacturing and marketing of storage, distribution and materials handling products and systems in the Asia Pacific region.

Website: https://www.dexion.biz
Chan MR Group
Booth No: M 14

Chan MR Group Co., Ltd. specialize in the design and construction of factories with 30 years of experience in the field, offering rentals of machinery and construction equipment, along with transportation trucks and services in the construction of houses, fences, garages, gas station, underground water tanks and many more.

Website: https://www.chanmr.com

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